Upholstery Cleaning

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Sofas, love seats, ottomans, recliners, chairs, bench seats, mattresses,
drapes; we clean it all. At ASE, we specialize in cleaning your most delicate fabrics. From wet cleaning (using water) to dry cleaning (using solvent chemicals), we are trained in making your upholstery look new again.

Most upholstery pieces will have a label under the cushion with the cleaning code W, S, S/W or X. This gives the professional cleaner information on how to clean your particular piece of furniture.

Pet hair, pet urine, grease, oil, gum, candy, food and beverage spots can be treated using proper cleaning procedures. It is imperative to use a professional cleaner rather than the “Do it yourself” technique, because improper cleaning can damage your upholstery.

Choose an IICRC Certified technician to make your furniture look, feel and smell new again! At ASE, we offer the most thorough cleaning!