Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Pre-Treat Tile and Grout

We treat your tile and grout with an alkaline-based degreasing solution, and then allow the cleaner to dwell. This causes the soil, grease, and other residues to loosen.

Power Scrub Surfaces

We scrub your surfaces with special surrogated brushes that agitate the grout lines and tile surface. We then work to clean the edges and baseboards.

Turbo Rinse

We turbo rinse the tile and grout by rinsing in pressure heated water. This captures and extracts the water, cleaning solutions, and contaminants in one simple process. The entire process is controlled, so there is no change of applying too much water or getting other surfaces or areas wet.

Repeat Steps 1, 2, and 3

Repeat as needed with a ph-restorative cleaner that works on staining, discoloration, grout haze, and soap scum.

Speed Dry and Inspection

We use high-powered air movers to dry the tile and grout lines, and then we inspect all surfaces for other stained areas. If we find other stains, we then spot clean that particular area.

Grout Preservation System

Applies grout sealer that creates a waterproof barrier to prevent future stains. This also helps for providing easier routine maintenance.