Mold Removal and Remediation


What does mold look like?

You are breathing mold right now but you can not see them with the naked eye. These are called mold spores. Mold spores are what we breathe into our lungs, and when the mold spore level gets high enough, our immune system can become compromised. You only see the black and gray splotches on building materials after the mold forms colonies.

What can cause mold to grow?

Mold has five basic growth requirements in order to flourish:

  1. Water – Mold needs moisture, it can even grow from high humidity levels in the air
  2. Food – Mold needs a biodegradable material to feed on. Molds can even grow on dust and debris that collect on non-biodegradable material
  3. Temperature – Mold grows best in temperatures from 68 to 86 degrees
  4. Time – Mold can grow in the perfect environment after 48 hours
  5. Air - Low air flow can speed up the mold growth process

Are all molds bad?

No. Some molds like penicillin come from penicillium mold. Mold helps to break down organic materials in nature and turn them into soil. Problems occur when mold grows inside an energy efficient structure and there is little or no fresh air to help remove them. “The dose makes the poison.”

If you were to take a tea spoon of arsenic, put it in a swimming pool of water, and drink a cup of that water, it would not make most people sick because the arsenic was diluted. However, if you put a teaspoon of arsenic in a cup of water and drank that water, most people would get sick. Your home is like a coffee cup in this example. We build our homes and businesses to be energy efficient, and so we do not let much fresh air inside.

Can I get rid of mold with a disinfectant?

No. Some molds produce chemicals inside their cell walls called mycotoxins, and these chemicals can be harmful to some people. Even if you were able to kill the mold, the cell fragments contain the chemical that can cause health related issues. Physical removal of the mold is the best method to insure proper clean up, which is done using professional HEPA Vacuum machines.

How do I choose a professional Mold Removal Company?

ASE employees IICRC Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians who have had the most extensive training in professionally and completely removing mold and mold spores to a safe level. All professional mold remediation companies should have general liability insurance, proof of certification, and contractor’s pollution liability insurance.