Commercial Water Damage

commercial water damage

We work with all insurance companies and bill them directly.

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Will my insurance cover this loss?

If the water leak happened sudden and unexpected, and if the leak began inside your business, it should be covered under property and casualty insurance. If your water damage happened outside the business (due to rising water from a creek, river or accumulated from rapid rainfall or storm surge), then you would need flood insurance in most cases. The best way to tell for sure is to call your insurance agent.

How much is this going to cost?

There is no way of giving a business owner and exact price for work done, due to the fact that every building is different and every business has different types of flooring, walls, furnishings and etc. The insurance deductible is the portion of the loss for which you are responsible. At ASE, we use a software price guide that is approved by insurance companies worldwide, so you do not have to worry about over-pricing. Most insurance companies pay for all restoration costs, less the deductible. Our staff is eager to work with you on your deductible to make it affordable.

Who can give permission to repair my building?

The building owner, or someone you designate, is the only authority on who works on your building. Your insurance policy requires that you begin reasonable and prudent steps to preserve, protect and secure your property from further damage. Your first call should be to ASE to limit the spread of damage throughout your building. Our Master Certified water damage technicians are on call 24/7 and are ready to serve you. We at ASE work for you the business owner, not the insurance company, and our goal is to make this process as pain-free and quick as possible. This is your business, so we are very careful who we send into your building as well as the manner in which we work.

Water can travel under walls and affect more area than where the source of the leak occurred, so we use multiple kinds of moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to locate the water. We also use specialty drying equipment to remove all excess moisture and get your building to pre-loss condition. Time is critical in a water loss, and every minute you delay could cause more damage.

The On Going Effects of Water Damage

Within Minutes

Carpet Pad soaks up a lot of water

Water spreads to other rooms, traveling under walls

Furniture legs can permanently stain carpet

Items in closets, under desk , behind doors are absorbing water

Electrical cords touching the floor can cause electrical shock

Within Hours

• Sheetrock walls absorb moisture

• Furniture legs can swell and crack

• Bacteria levels rise and a sour odor is noticeable

• Metal furniture will begin to tarnish

• Pressed wood and swell and fall apart

Within Days

Mold can begin to grow

Sheetrock will swell and fall apart

Wood flooring will swell and buckle

Electronic components may stop working

Furniture legs will split and fall apart

Window and door trim will swell and warp

Occupants with asthma or allergies experience distress

Within Weeks

Insurance claims cost escalates rapidly

Liability increases as serious health hazards flourish

Mold growth dramatically increases

Building materials have to be replaced instead of dried out

Bacteria levels increase and cause an unhealthy living environment