Customers Notice Cleanliness

ASE has been helping restaurants and food service providers achieve clean, safe, and healthy facilities for over 15 years. Our science-based systems incorporate the latest soil removal technology, where studies show they are 60 times more effective at reducing bacterial contamination than mops. We ensure fresh solutions and clean rinse water, preventing cross contamination from restrooms to kitchens.

Kitchens, restrooms, and dining areas generate volumes of greasy soils that are challenging to clean and can lead to accidents and lost business. Rely on the experts at ASE to clean your facility from corner to corner.

commercial services restaurant cleaning

When it comes to emergency water removal,
quick response with the right tools is the key.

commercial water damage

The Secret to Commercial Drying is Simple

We have the necessary equipment for the job!

  • A large number of Turbo Air Movers
  • A large number of dehumidifiers
  • Powerful extraction equipment
  • The right monitoring equipment
  • The proper knowledge to make it all work

Advanced Steam Extraction is Mississippi's most informed and best equipped water damage restoration company. We possess the most modern tools and equipment of our trade, and regularly attend seminars, schools, and workshops to stay informed of the latest technology in restoration procedures.

Due to our professional response, restorative operations can be completed within days. This means businesses maintain productivity and are allowed to keep their competitive edge. Business interruption expense caused by water damage can be reduced or even prevented with proper professional control and scientific monitoring. Reducing financial losses while limiting business interruption and inconvenience is our business.