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Do you really need a separate inspection just for the floors?

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Do You Want to Risk It?

Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Wood Floors, and Luxury Vinyl Floors can have problems that are hidden and most times can not be seen with the naked eye. Most home inspectors are not trained to look for specific issues with flooring. They do not check the carpet for urine or other damage, they do not look for cupped or buckled floors or even what is causing the problem.

"The wood floors were a little cupped when I purchased the house but I never knew the crawlspace under the house was full of water and has caused mold to grow!"


"My 2-year-old was constantly sick from crawling around on the carpet because it was full of dog urine from the previous owner's pets!"


Don't be Fooled!

Most homes have freshly baked cookies when you show up for the open house to fill the air with the alluring aroma of freshly baked goods but once you leave, the smell of cigarette smoke, pet urine, or other offensive odors take over turning your dream home into a nightmare.

You have just found the house of your dreams, the inside is well maintained and looks new, plus the home inspection came back clean! Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to know, "Is the flooring damaged?". Do not let someone else's hidden problems become your problems when you should be enjoying your new home. Hire a certified professional for an assessment of all floors as well as moisture checks for possible mold issues. 

Choose an IICRC Senior floor inspector who knows what to look for!

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