Have You Done Your Spring Cleaning Yet?

As we near the end of April, most of us are in the wonderful throes of spring. A big task that we all face as we head into the season is spring cleaning. Remember, spring cleaning not only makes your house cleaner but also healthier. Our homes are filled with dust, dirt, and pollen. The…

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The 5 Second Rule is Making You Sick

From childhood to adulthood, the 5 second rule saved us (or so we thought) in many situations. Did you drop the last cookie? Fumble that french fry? You may have imagined a hundred germy little creatures racing to that morsel unless you were fast enough to grab it. Whew. Got it! No harm done, right? Wrong. As you probably…

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Quick Guide to Cleaning a Spill

quick guide to cleaning a spill

GREAT. There goes that glass of red wine, all over your carpet. Or maybe your toddler dropped her chocolate on the floor, and then proceeded to stomp all over it on her way to grab a napkin. Whatever happened, you now have to clean a spill, or a general mess, as quickly as possible to avoid staining. How exciting! Right? No worries.…

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Protect Your Home From These 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths

carpet cleaning pets

There are many misconceptions surrounding carpet cleaning and carpet care, and properly cleaned carpets are essential for a healthy home. The goal of this post is to arm you with enough information to make the right decisions for your home and family. MYTH #1: You should wait as long as possible before cleaning your carpet. Dirt is an abrasive…

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