Carpet Repair Services

Buckles, Bumps and Humps

Does your carpet look as if there are speed bumps in the middle of the floor? At Advanced Steam Extraction, Inc., we have over 20 years experience in carpet repairs. Most carpets are made out of a synthetic material and will stretch some over time, we use a power stretcher to stretch your carpets back in place and remove those dangerous bumps in your home.

Carpet Seams

Carpet seams are where two or more pieces of carpet come together and join. Most seams are held together with seam tape (tape with glue) and a hot seam iron. Sometimes the tape can come apart and open up causing a trip/ fall hazard. Each of our technicians are equipped to handle any seam damage problems. We can replace the entire seam or just make repairs on the seam that is there.

Bonded Resection

We can repair holes in carpet. In most situations we can use a piece of carpet located at the back of your closet or use some remnant piece to cut and make a repair. We see all kinds of situations where bonded resections are needed, such as holes in carpet from a popping fireplace ember, a pet that scratches at the carpet to get out of a room, or an unwanted ink stain. We can help make your carpet look great again.

Transition Strips

These are the metal strips that divide carpet from some other type of flooring. These metal strips can break over time and need replacement. No matter if your carpet is stretched in over concrete or wood, we at ASE have the knowledge to repair all types of transitions.

Tack Strips

Located next to the walls, tack strips are designed to hold your carpet in place. These thin pieces of wood can break over time and need replacing.

Pad or Cushion

There are many kinds of carpet cushion on the market and we at ASE can match your specific cushion or completely replace it as needed. Some damage can occur to cushion over time, and the feel of the carpet is not the same in traffic areas compared to non-traffic area.

Unravel Run

Some carpets are made out of loops and these loops can pull out causing a run. These runs will increase with traffic and with vacuuming. We can repair this issue with thermal plastic adhesive and bind these loose loops back into the carpets backing.


Sprouting is when some carpet fibers are higher than the carpet around it, this can be caused by a damaged vacuum cleaner, pets or other related issue. Proper nap trimming can be achieved using proper equipment and a trained technician.