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At Advanced Steam Extraction,
we clean your carpets using the most widely recommended carpet cleaning method

"Hot Water Extraction"

With our state of the art truck mounted hot water extraction equipment,

you can be assured we will provide you with the ultimate carpet cleaning experience.

Did you know?

Every time you or a guest walks inside your home, pollens, bacteria, fungus and hundreds of other hazardous chemicals come inside with you? These hazardous chemicals come in on your skin, clothes, shoes, or hair and then fall off and end up in your carpet. Vacuuming regularly will help, but in order to truly remove these items from your carpet, you need to have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

We use a thorough step-by-step process for all customers:

  • A pre-inspection of the areas to be cleaned.
  • Pre-spray to loosen oils throughout the carpet pile and treat specific staining.
  • Hot water extraction with neutral PH chemicals that leave little residue.
  • Carpet grooming which allows better drying of the fibers.
  • A post inspection to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • An opportunity to protect your investment by purchasing Advanced Carpet Protector.

We provide carpet cleaning services in
Jackson, Brandon, Madison, Ridgeland, Flowood, and surrounding cities.

"I have used ASE for years and have recommended them more times than I can count. They always show up at the appointed time, do a great job, have a kind word and leave your home in much better shape than they found it. They cleaned up some terrible messes, too. My daughter once spilled a gallon of blue paint in the white carpet of her new home that she had just closed on an hour before. It was a Friday at 5:00. By 6:00, my husband was walking in the door with a new gallon of paint to my daughter's newly cleaned carpet so she could pick up where she left off. TRUE STORY. You'll not find a better group of folks to clean your floors, help after flooding or other disasters, clean rugs and even furniture. You can trust Richie Lott and his team to get the job done."

Shari Crook

Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair Services

We can fix various issues that come up on your carpet. This applies to rips, tears, bumps, unravels, and more! Click below to read more.

Does your carpet look as if there are speed bumps in the middle of the floor? At Advanced Steam Extraction, Inc., we have over 20 years experience in carpet repairs. Most carpets are made out of a synthetic material and will stretch some over time, we use a power stretcher to stretch your carpets back in place and remove those dangerous bumps in your home.

Carpet seams are where two or more pieces of carpet come together and join. Most seams are held together with seam tape (tape with glue) and a hot seam iron. Sometimes the tape can come apart and open up causing a trip/ fall hazard. Each of our technicians are equipped to handle any seam damage problems. We can replace the entire seam or just make repairs on the seam that is there

We can repair holes in carpet. In most situations we can use a piece of carpet located at the back of your closet or use some remnant piece to cut and make a repair. We see all kinds of situations where bonded resections are needed, such as holes in carpet from a popping fireplace ember, a pet that scratches at the carpet to get out of a room, or an unwanted ink stain. We can help make your carpet look great again.

These are the metal strips that divide carpet from some other type of flooring. These metal strips can break over time and need replacement. No matter if your carpet is stretched in over concrete or wood, we at ASE have the knowledge to repair all types of transitions.

Located next to the walls, tack strips are designed to hold your carpet in place. These thin pieces of wood can break over time and need replacing.

There are many kinds of carpet cushion on the market and we at ASE can match your specific cushion or completely replace it as needed. Some damage can occur to cushion over time, and the feel of the carpet is not the same in traffic areas compared to non-traffic area.

Some carpets are made out of loops and these loops can pull out causing a run. These runs will increase with traffic and with vacuuming. We can repair this issue with thermal plastic adhesive and bind these loose loops back into the carpets backing.

Sprouting is when some carpet fibers are higher than the carpet around it, this can be caused by a damaged vacuum cleaner, pets or other related issue. Proper nap trimming can be achieved using proper equipment and a trained technician.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas, love seats, ottomans, recliners, chairs, bench seats, mattresses, drapes; we clean it all.

red chair before shot
red chair halfway shot
red chair after shot

At ASE, we specialize in cleaning your most delicate fabrics. From wet cleaning (using water) to dry cleaning (using solvent chemicals), we are trained in making your upholstery look new again.

Most upholstery pieces will have a label under the cushion with the cleaning code W, S, S/W or X. This gives the professional cleaner information on how to clean your particular piece of furniture.

Pet hair, pet urine, grease, oil, gum, candy, food and beverage spots can be treated using proper cleaning procedures. It is imperative to use a professional cleaner rather than the “Do it yourself” technique, because improper cleaning can damage your upholstery.

Choose an IICRC Certified technician to make your furniture look, feel and smell new again! At ASE, we offer the most thorough cleaning!

white sofa before shot
white sofa after shot
partial clean couch
dirty cushion
clean cushion
Spot Dyeing Carpet

Spot Dyeing Carpet

Carpet Spot Dyeing serves as a great alternative to carpet replacement as it can help save a lot of money instead of buying a new carpet which would also include time for the carpet removal and installation process.

By hiring the right carpet dyeing company, you as a homeowner, landlord, renter, or business owner can expect 100% color achievement to the existing spot match, which means your carpet should look as good as new to the naked eye without the burden of having to buy a new one.

Before-After bleach spot 6 711x368

Inexpensive & Effective Carpet Restoration

To camouflage stains and discolorations caused by bleach, chemicals, spillage, sun exposure, urine, food stains, etc., specialized carpet spot dyeing technicians create a color formula that matches the carpet’s original color, apply the dyes to the carpet, and add a protector to ensure that the dye stays in permanently. This carpet dyeing method is applicable for nylon, silk, cotton, and wool carpets and has been used for homes, apartments, hospitals, stores, hotels, office buildings, and other spaces.

Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

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What is an area rug?

Area Rugs are textile floor coverings usually made of nylon, polyester, acrylic, olefin, animal skins, wool, jute, cotton, or silk. Rugs may include hand-knotted, hooked, flat-woven, gun tufted, or hand-made. This type of floor covering is usually used to accent a room with color, design, or texture.

How long does it take to get my rug back?

Most rugs can be picked up, cleaned, and returned within a week. However, heavily soiled rugs can take longer. Our rug cleaning process will ensure your rug will look its best and last for many years to come.

How often should I get my area rug cleaned?

Many factors determine how often a rug should be cleaned such as traffic, spots, stains, pets, and how often the rug is vacuumed. Most manufacturers recommend that area rugs should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months for normal use. Soil such as sand and dirt can cut into the fibers of your rug and cause permanent abrasion that cannot be removed. One of the biggest mistakes is to wait until the rug looks dirty before having it professionally cleaned.

How much would it cost to clean my area rug?

Every rug is unique and should have an IICRC professional evaluate the condition, size and type before giving a cleaning price. We at ASE offer a free evaluation of your rug to determine if the rug can and should be brought to our in-plant facility, or if the rug can be cleaned inside your home. Our professional technicians are extensively trained to identify the best method of cleaning your fine rugs.

Rug Cleaner Machine

Can’t I clean my area rug with a rental machine or garden hose?

Permanent damage to your rug such as dye migration, texture change, cellulosic browning, mold growth, or shrinking, can occur if specialized procedures are not performed.

Asset 1

Aren’t all rug cleaning companies the same?

It is extremely important to choose an IICRC Certified rug cleaning technician with years of experience to clean your area rug. Understanding the type of yarn, backing, weave, dyes and construction is vital in your rug investment lasting for many years to come. Some companies use cheap cleaning chemicals and high temperatures that may improperly dry the rug causing irreversible damage. At ASE, we are IICRC Master Certified and have been cleaning fine rugs for over 20 years.

Auto, RV, & Boat Cleaning

Auto, RV, and Boat Steam Cleaning


Make it look new again!

We specialize in cleaning the carpet, upholstery, leather, vinyl, drapes, and other unique items located on boats and inside of RVs, automobiles, and aircraft.
  • Vacuum Complete Interior including all storage compartments
  • Clean all the Leather/vinyl seats and apply conditioner
  • Professionally Steam Clean Carpets and Upholstery
  • Specialty spot and stain removal
  • Apply stain/soil protection
  • Leather and Vinyl repair
Hardwood Restoration & Maintenance

Hardwood Restoration and Maintenance System

At Advanced Steam Extraction, Inc. we offer an alternative to sanding and staining your wood floor investment. Our complete maintenance system is designed for wood floors that have not be severely damaged or neglected.

If wood floors are not maintained properly and a protective coating of finish applied periodically then the expense of sanding, staining and re-finishing might be inevitable. Some wood floors such as veneer flooring can not accept any sanding procedures because of the thin layer of hardwood.

Hardwood Before After

Preventative Maintenance

Our complete wood floor system includes:

  • Vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris and prepare the surface for repairs.
  • Small cracks, checks or damaged areas can be filled in with proper wood fillers.
  • The cleaning process is done using a professional wood floor cleaner, a rotary floor machine and a specific wood floor pad. This process will remove embedded soil, oily residue and old finish.
  • Applying the proper finish is the final step to ensure a well protected and strong floor. Our self cross-linking finish is self leveling and provides years of use.

Your floor will look beautiful and will have a very durable finish to hold up under the toughest traffic. Wood flooring is a large investment and proper maintenance will provide years of enjoyment.