Bio Clean Services


Trauma/Crime Scene

ASE provides specialty cleaning and recovery services for the families of individuals involved in tragic situations throughout Mississippi. Our team cares about each situation and understands the importance of keeping all information confidential. ASE employees are highly trained in cleaning and decontamination and have many years of cleaning and restoration experience.

Meth Lab and Tear Gas

Tear gas is a chemical substance used as a non-violent means of extraction in a variety of ways to force the surrender of fugitives confined in a building. Self cleanup is not recommended and virtually impossible unless you have the proper tools and safety equipment. In order to remove all traces of tear gas that can seep into walls and other surfaces, a professional cleaning company should be used. Persons who have had contact with cs gas most commonly experience distress. There are around 15 different types of tear gas that have been developed worldwide and cs has become one of the most popular products used due to its strong effect and lack of toxicity. The effects of cs gas are vomiting and a burning sensation of the skin. Only a professional cleaning company should be called to handle this type of loss.


Unfortunately, vandalism can encompass a wide range of damage to a home or property. At ASE, we are master certified through the institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration and hold more certifications than any of our competitors. We are equipped to handle the most severe damage and will provide a quick alternative.